We Are Here!

We arrived in Donetsk after a very long plane ride on September 18 and spent 3 days in the mission home there.  On Monday we came up to Kharkov where we will live for 18 months.  Our apartment feels like we are back in the 40′s, but it is very comfortable.  We are close to the center of the city which is swarming with university students.  The people are friendly when you buy something from them, but out on the street no one ever smiles.  The church members are very warm and friendly, and we have enjoyed meeting some of them. We usually have an interpreter to help us out, however we do find a few who speak English fluently. The young Elders have been very helpful to us. We are learning to navigate the Metro (subway) without getting lost. We are getting right to work with visiting part member families, and this Saturday and Sunday we are speaking in meetings. We have learned how to bear a simple testimony in Russian and are working on a few more phrases. IT IS NOT AN EASY LANGUAGE!! But we are trying, and with the Lord’s help, we will learn more as time goes on. There is much work to do here, and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    Glad to read that you made it there safely. People didn’t smile a whole lot on the streets of Philadelphia either. I imagine not knowing the language just adds several layers of difficulty to everything. Are you expected and/or aloud to contact people in the streets and on the Metro? Or do you mostly work with teaching the students and with part member families? Thanks for the update. You’re in our prayers. :)

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