The Institute Council came up with the idea of having a chocolate party as one of their activities. Apparently the National Chocolate Day was in July. and one of them got wind of that. They planned, gave assignments, implemented and carried out the party beautifully. Elder and Sister Reed assisted where needed.

There were games, number drawings for prizes, group work for building chocolate structures, the best brownies contest, guess the number of M&M’s in a jar, a dance, and hot fudge sundaes. The room was decorated with brown and white balloons, words with letters cut out of foil, etc. These young adults really know how to put on a party. We had 9 nonmembers in attendance, so they also know how to do missionary work.

We guess this is why we have comments on our blog saying, “Your mission looks like just too much fun!” These CES missions are the greatest. Below is a picture of the party-goers.

A game with legs tied together, chocolate in spoon, feeding person in the chair

Estimating the amount of M&M's in the jar

Vika made a spinning wheel candy bar game

Building a structure with the goodies

This young man was the master-mind of this creation which turned out to be the winner. He is majoring in architecture.

These structures are the final products made from chocolate goodies.


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This one almost fell, it wasn't very sturdy.

Another entry

Winner of the M&M's contest

Masih, who is going to be baptized in two weeks, was the winner of the best brownies contest. He won a brown stuffed bear (brown for chocolate).

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  1. kirsten says:

    This looks like fun. I’ll have to remember this for the YM/YW. Personally I like the Eifle Tower structure the best. :)

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