Yesterday we had a baptism that we, and many others, have been praying for. Valary and his wife, Natasha, were the first couple we visited after arriving here last September. The Elders wanted to take us with them to their home since they and other Elders had been teaching Valary for quite some time. Natasha and their two boys were baptized 12 years ago, and Valary has received many lessons in that span of 12 years. We have had Valary and Natasha over for dinner a couple of times, and we have celebrated a couple of birthdays with them. Valary made the decision to be baptized and yesterday was the “golden” day. The attendance at the baptism exceeded the attendance at any of the branches here on a typical Sunday, and it was truly a beautiful and very spiritual event. His baptism is the product of many missionaries here, young and old, sharing our love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him, and also the loving influence of his beautiful family.

Being instruments in the Lord’s hands is the greatest work we as His disciples can do. Yesterday Valary’s family was rejoicing as well as the angels in the heavens. What a great day!

Valary, Natasha (who was absolutely ecstatic), and the Reeds

Left, their younger son, Anton; Aleosha, an older son who is a branch president; Valary and Natasha. Aleosha baptized his Dad, which was a very touching moment for both of them.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    Wow! How neat for the son to be able to baptize his DAD! Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

  2. kirsten says:

    This is so exciting! How blessed you are to be there when he finally decided to get baptized. He looks very happy and so does his wife! How great!

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