Throughout these spring and summer weeks, we have seen student artists on the street to our apartment drawing two of the buildings which line the block. Sometimes we see twenty or more of them sitting on the curb or on the ground sketching with pencil or painting with watercolor. The other day when we were walking up the street we saw one of our Institute students, Julia, with another student drawing a black ink sketch of one of the buildings. We just had to get her picture!

Julia, on the right - when she comes over for FHE she always shows us some of her art work. It's very beautiful.

Both buildings have some interesting lines and symmetry - just what the art students are looking for.

The students make these old buildings look beautiful in their art work. I imagine they really were quite a showpiece in their day.

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  1. says:

    Hello Tom & Karen. what a wonderful website and clever way to log the amazing work you are doing. Tom did not mention how the buildings make him miss the inspection work he was doing before the mission.

    On that subject, we got a subpeana for some reports Tom did a year ago Jan-April for Fountaine Blue. Any suggestions for locating copies? Rigo did not think they were scanned and we aren’t sure where the hard copies are. Can you give us any help? Let me know at or


  2. Wendi Jagerson says:

    It’s fun to run across people that you know like that. And those buildings really are interesting to look at. :)

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