Last weekend the Institute young adults, plus a four non-members, had a great picnic in the woods north of Kharkov. We all met at a park in the city center, then took the marshrutka (small bus) to the picnic area. The youth really look forward to these picnics in the summertime. One picnic per month is a must because it is warm – at last. Indeed, it is very hot and humid. Our meeting place was at a monument that commemorates the strength of the Ukrainian people, referred to by the young adults as “the refrigerator” because of its shape! It has some resemblance, I guess…….

The refrigerator

The walk through the woods to the picnic area

Spiritual thought and prayer before the picnic fun

Volleyball is always a favorite. Other games included a type of treasure hunt and capture the flag.

The porridge is cooking while the games are going on - it's a dish with rice, chicken, pork, boullion and spices. Very delicious!

The woods are a beautiful scene of solid green.

Enjoying the porridge along with tomato and cucumber slices and bread

The winning vollegball team with their edible necklace prizes

Then came the rain! It really poured for 20 minutes or so.

But the rain didn't stop these diehard volleyball players!

All the wet, but happy picnickers. Actually, it was so hot that it felt good to get wet and cool.

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  1. kirsten says:

    This looks like fun. The team that won the volleyball looked pretty serious.

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