One of the wonderful perks of this mission is that we are encouraged to go to the civic events in the city. Last night we went to the opera house in the center of the city where “The Marriage of Figaro” was being performed. Neither of us had seen this opera, and we enjoyed it immensely – even in Russian. Before we went we read about the story line of the opera, so we understood what was happening in each act. The cultural events here are extremely high quality because of a large talent pool from which to choose performers.

The costuming and scenery were beautiful.

The count is begging the countess for forgiveness. Figaro is on the left.

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2 Responses to A NIGHT AT THE OPERA

  1. Rob Pyatt says:

    The Marriage of Figaro is a delightful opera. Glad you got to see it!

  2. Wendi Jagerson says:

    What a neat opportunity! :)

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